Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Found Itself in the Spotlight of Many Media in January

Journalists regularly choose string transport as a subject for their article or story. The past month has once again confirmed this. We bring to your attention an overview of the most interesting publications about Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

"The Future That Is Already Coming" — a documentary film by writer and journalist Igor Shnurenko was released under this title. The film, highlighting string transport and its author, was shown on the Russian analytical Internet channel "Day TV". It should be noted that this media resource is also presented on YouTube, where its audience has more than a million subscribers.

How does string transport differ from a ropeway? World Construction Today decided to look into this issue by comparing these two transportation systems. What conclusion did the author of the article come to? Here is his quote:

Even a superficial analysis shows that the ropeway and string transport are two completely different systems. And if one of them has occupied its specific niche long ago and is unlikely to be used in a new way, the other one is able to compete seriously with traditional modes of transport.

In addition, the article notes that transport from Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is much safer, faster, more efficient and more durable than ropeway.

A little later, World Construction Today again published an article pointing out the obvious advantages of string-rail complexes in comparison with existing elevated transport systems. At the end of the article, the author comes to a conclusion that the string transport overpasses the monorail, Maglev, tram and even metro in terms of key features:

— We will not be surprised if in the next decade string transport will be actively implemented in various countries of the world, since its features most fully meet the requirements of our time.

The Innovation Center of string transport in Sharjah was not neglected by the press either. In January, it was visited by representatives of Brazilian transport companies. This event was reflected in a release by the Brazilian media resource Paraiba.

At the end of the month, tests of the string-rail transport under the conditions of a tropical downpour came into the focus of an Indian media based in the UAE. A report from EcoTechnoPark was posted on the website of this media resource.

It is obvious that mass media all over the world are interested in transport and infrastructure solutions of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. At the same time, many of them point out that UST technology is much more efficient than traditional transport systems.

4 February 2022