About the Transport of UST Inc. on the Pages of Belarusian Trade Journal

The Belarusian Journal “International Exhibitions” published an article that explains how the uST Transport & Infrastructure Solutions can help to overcome long-standing transportation problems.

The article describes the advantages of string transport. For example, steel-wheeled rail electric cars consume much less materials, as compared to conventional types of transport. Moreover, the uPods are more environmentally friendly than electric cars that consume much more electricity and take up space on the road, which entails traffic jams that emit the lion's share of hazardous substances. String transport travels above the ground, which eliminates this problem. At the same time, the energy consumption of the uBuses is 10-15 times lower than that of motor vehicles. Finally, the electric cars use rubber tires that release hazardous substances into the air when wearing out. Tire production is also a hazardous enterprise. The vehicles of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. travel on steel wheels.

The publication also mentions the adaptability of second-level transportation. For example, it is much easier to integrate the uST Transport & Infrastructure Complex into an already developed city than to build a subway or a highway.

The material provides some applications of string transport. For example, it can be used as a link for high-speed communication with remote areas of a country or as an effective transit throughout hostile terrains. Virtually zero environmental impact allows using string transport in regions with stringent environmental requirements.

15 April 2022