International engineering company Unitsky String Technologies Inc. was established in 2015 in Minsk (Belarus). In 7 years the company has progressed from a startup to the business stage. During this period, the team of UST Inc. built six test transport and infrastructure complexes (five more complexes are under construction: three in Belarus and two in the UAE) and created (designed and manufactured) a total of 15 fundamentally different models of cargo and passenger transport in tropical and northern designs. Two R&D Centers were built: EcoTechnoPark (Maryina Gorka, Belarus) and uSky (Sharjah, UAE).

Journey of UST Inc.
From first anchoring structures to first commercial projects

Permission to carry out preliminary work to begin the construction of the EcoTechnoPark – Center for practical implementation of uST technology

June, 2015

Unveiling of the “Zero Kilometer” of string roads

October, 2015

Construction of the first anchoring structure combined with a string transport station

November, 2015

All supporting towers of the first truss-type string rail overpass are installed. Construction of a passenger station is in progress

February, 2016

Supporting towers are installed for the second route at the EcoTechnoPark – semi-rigid string rail overpass

June, 2016

Demonstration of the body of the first rolling stock model of string transport – uBike

June, 2016

Measurement of the evenness of support installation with special-purpose laser equipment prior to the installation of trusses on the first truss-type overpass

August, 2016

Demonstration of the first models of string transport at Innotrans 2016 in Berlin

September, 2016

Beginning of the installation of trusses on the first truss-type string rail overpass at the EcoTechnoPark

October, 2016

The first running tests of uBike at the EcoTechnoPark

November, 2016

Anatoli Unitsky demonstrates to S. Chizhik, Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus the test bed of string transport in the territory of the production complex

December, 2016

The company receivers new patents as part of the work on uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes

February, 2017

The company purchases an area where it will create workshops for the production of rolling stock and other components of uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes

March, 2017

uBike sets the first speed record, breaking the 108 km/h mark on an 800-m section of the semi-rigid string rail overpass

May, 2017

The first certificate of the quality management system is obtained

June, 2017

First demonstration of uTruck – the first cargo model of string transport rolling stock

July, 2017

String transport wins the “Golden Chariot” International Transport Award

July, 2017

Conclusion of the cooperation agreement with the Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

December, 2017

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visits the stand of string transport at the Transport of Russia exhibition

December, 2017

Construction of uST Cargo Transport & Infrastructure Complex for the transportation of bulk cargoes, which combines two subsystems – uTruck and uTrans

January, 2018

An honorary diploma for the best achievement in the construction industry of the Republic of Belarus is awarded

April, 2018

The new uPod (uCar) model arrives at the EcoTechnoPark to begin its running tests

June, 2018

48-passenger quad-rail uBus is taking the track for the start of acceptance testing

July, 2018

Launch of uST Cargo String Transport & Infrastructure Complex. uTruck in action

August, 2018

Construction of super lightweight track structure at the EcoTechnoPark

August, 2018

Beginning of construction of the uSky Center in Sharjah, UAE. Anatoli Unitsky (on the right) in front of the facility passport

November, 2018

Expansion of production to work on targeted projects. Beginning of the construction of a new assembly workshop for the rolling stock of string transport

January, 2019

The first runs of the rolling stock on our super lightweight string rail overpass

January, 2019

Presentation of string transport to Sheikh Mohammed, Emir of Dubai, Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates at the World Government Summit in the UAE

February, 2019

Dubai announces the construction of an urban track using unmanned overpass transportation systems

April, 2019

The new workshop of the production complex is put into operation

September, 2019

The governor of Sharjah, Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi, and Anatoli Unitskiy in the interior of tropical uCar. The uSky Center

October, 2019

For the first time, tropical uCar takes the track at the uSky Center (Sharjah, UAE)

November, 2019

UST Inc.'s participation in the international forum-exhibition 100+ Forum Russia and the “World Cities Day” under the patronage of UN-Habitat

November, 2019

uST technology is presented at the TEDx International Conference

January, 2020

Introduction of the innovative 3DExperience platform into the company’s work processes

February, 2020

A delegation from Mongolia headed by the Minister of Roads and Transport Development visited UST Inc. Cooperation agreements have been signed

February, 2020

uST technology as a means of combating the pandemic is presented on 25 TV channels of Arab countries

May, 2020

An innovative machine for testing the strength of materials and joints arrives at the production

July, 2020

The developer company of string transport purchases the office building, which gave work space to more than 700 engineers. The head office of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. (Minsk, Belarus)

August, 2020

The premiere of a new device – traction trolley. Based on the solutions implemented in it, the rolling stock is being designed for the first confirmed targeted projects

September, 2020

Beginning of the second phase of construction at the uSky Center (Sharjah, UAE). uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes under construction will become a part of the infrastructure at the Technology and Innovation Park located here

December, 2020

Beginning of the operation of uST Transport & Infrastructure Complex at the uSky Center (Sharjah, UAE)

January, 2021

UAE government Ministers and Saudi business representatives visited the company’s R&D Center in Sharjah

January, 2021

UST Inc. starts to develop the markets of Europe and the MENA region

March, 2021

A certificate of conformity of uSky Transport & Infrastructure Complex to safety requirements from TUV SW is obtained

May, 2021

uST Transport and Infrastructure Complexes came into the focus of one of the world’s largest media – CNN

July, 2021

A certificate of conformity to safety requirements from TUV SW is obtained

September, 2021

uST Transport & Infrastructure Solutions are displayed at the Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE

October, 2021

Completion of the rebranding of the head engineering company UST Inc. and uST Technology

November, 2021

Beginning of the work on the first commercial projects

December, 2021

Participation in the international exhibition Smart Cities India Expo 2022 in New Delhi

March, 2022

Participation in the international exhibition Roads&Traffic Expo Middle East 2022

May, 2022

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. received the status of a scientific organization in Belarus

May, 2022

The company’s participation in the International Road Infrastructure and Public Transport Exhibition in Baku, Azerbaijan

June, 2022

The company participates in the 6th International Arctic Summit in Moscow and St. Petersburg

June, 2022

UST Inc. took part in the international business forum in Rwanda

June, 2022

UST Inc. took part in the international scientific conference WHEC-2022 in Istanbul

August, 2022

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai presented a uPod (unmanned rail electric vehicle on steel wheels) designed by UST Inc. at the international exhibition InnoTrans 2022

September, 2022

UST Inc. was presented at the forum in Indonesia

October, 2022

UST Inc. signed a cooperation agreement with Brest State Technical University

November, 2022

A stand with uCar (Urban Passenger uPod) designed and manufactured by UST Inc. installed at Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP)

December, 2022

At the uSky Center (Sharjah, UAE), TUV SW conducted the first stage of certification of the transport overpass with string rail track structure of a semi-rigid type

January, 2023

UST Inc. signed a cooperation agreement with the International Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship

January, 2023

The installation of a semi-rigid suspended track structure on a test track with a length of 2.4 km was completed at the uSky Center (Sharjah, UAE)

January, 2023

uST technology was presented at the 23rd World Congress of World Cities in Spain. The Memorandum was signed with Peace City World

February, 2023

Certified uST Transport Complex in tropical design (Sharjah, UAE) was presented to the Ruler of Ras al-Khaimah and the President of the American University of Sharjah

March, 2023

The latest development of UST Inc. – a suspended 25-seat uBus U4-212-01 – arrived at the uSky Test and Certification Center (Sharjah, UAE) for testing on the transport overpass with string rail track structure of a semi-rigid type.

April, 2023